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Beekmans rvs bv
Ertveldweg 3
5231 XA
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 61 3 2030
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Holland Yachting Group
18-03-2017 Getting tough on Glass
Dutch stainless steel company Beekmans is one of the key suppliers to the leading superyacht builders of products that include glass panels. Now the company has decided to ensure premium quality by investing a significant sum into its own glass toughening bath. The move will also enable Beekmans to guarantee clients faster delivery times and lower costs.  
Beekmans has an excellent reputation for delivering stainless steel products with glass panels for the exteriors of superyachts, including railings, windshields and windbreakers. Glass production normally includes toughening of the glass, and there are several parties in the Netherlands and beyond with the facilities to do this type of toughening. The challenge is that the chemical toughening aspect can no longer be done in the Netherlands, while outsourcing abroad incurs higher prices, lower quality and an enhanced risk of damage.
“It is essential that we can continue to deliver the very best products and service to our clients in the superyacht industry,” comments Mike Gilsing, sales manager at Beekmans. “We have therefore decided to make a substantial investment in a chemical toughening bath for our production facility in the Netherlands. This will be custom designed and built for the specific needs of our clients and give us maximum control over both costs and quality.”  
Meeting class requirements
The impressive new chemical toughening bath will also enable Beekmans to respond to the increasingly stringent specifications from class societies with regards to toughening and strength calculations. 
“Windshields for superyachts can no longer be made with glass toughened in the traditional manner,” adds Gilsing. “They need to comply to the rules which demand better quality toughening, and that requires a chemical process. The experts at Beekmans are able to assist with ensuring products conform to class rules in this respect and with regards to strength. In this way we provide the most comprehensive service to our clients at every stage of the project.”
The new toughening bath will be operational within five months and meet all class requirements, both for Beekmans products and for other companies who require glass for their products.