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 -20-03-2006Join up with Glaverbel
 -01-01-2006Premium quality oval tubing
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Beekmans rvs bv
Ertveldweg 3
5231 XA
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 61 3 2030
Fax: +31 73 61 3 9560
KvK: 17185564

Holland Yachting Group
01-01-2006 Premium quality oval tubing

Following extensive research & development and a year of testing, Beekmans has launched its new oval tube for superyacht railings. The decision to develop an in-house production process came after the company found it impossible to find oval tubing elsewhere that met Beekmans stringent quality standards. "The oval tubes that are available on the market all too often have wrinkles on the surface," explains Head of Sales Mike Gisling. "We have succeeded in improving the production process in such a way that the surface of the oval tube is guaranteed to be 100% smooth. The result is that the quality is the highest possible."

Another clear benefit for Beekmans customers is that the price of this premium product did not raise compared to existing oval tubing. Beekmans will initially deliver oval starts with oval tube dimensions of 120 x 80 mm in lengths of six metres. Production of other dimensions will commence in the near future.