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 -27-12-2005New name for Beekmans
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Beekmans rvs bv
Ertveldweg 3
5231 XA
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 61 3 2030
Fax: +31 73 61 3 9560
KvK: 17185564

Holland Yachting Group
27-12-2005 New name for Beekmans

Den Bosch, The Netherlands, 13 September 2005 Gebroeders Beekmans roestvaststaal bv has announced that it has changed its name to Beekmans. Marking its 40-year anniversary, this modification is a reflection of the company's forward-looking orientation, as well as its enhanced international profile.

Beekmans talent for innovation, motivated craftsmen and central position within the Dutch industry have kept it at the forefront of the yachting profession for four decades. The new name underlines the forward-looking character of the company as well as its dedication to maintain and enhance its international success. Indeed, Beekmans increasingly global profile is a large part of the reason why the original (and somewhat tongue-twisting) Dutch name has been streamlined.

The roestvaststaal (stainless steel) in the company name became obsolete due to the companies ever-increasing level of sophistication: Beekmans in fact no longer manufactures only stainless steel products, but carries out a large range of state-of-the-art work with other materials. This includes curved glass windshields, titanium bollards, awnings and other complex constructions.

A dynamic new logo has also been designed in a style that fits the companys new image. Although the house style makeover represents a corporate culture for the 21st century, regular clients will find that nothing has changed in terms of the quality and reliability they have learned to expect, commented CEO Leo van der Ven. These timeless qualities still very much underpin all Beekmans operations, past, present and future.