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 -16-10-2008New CAD system
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Beekmans rvs bv
Ertveldweg 3
5231 XA
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 61 3 2030
Fax: +31 73 61 3 9560
KvK: 17185564

Holland Yachting Group
16-10-2008 New CAD system

Beekmans acquires NX program

Beekmans has over four decades of specialism in the design and creation of stainless steel products for all sections of the yachting industry. And by combining its expertise in stainless steel with materials such as glass and fabric, the company has a unique role in the world of superyachts. “To keep up-to-date with developments in yacht construction, we recently acquired the drawing program NX from Siemens (formerly Unigraphics),” says sales manager Mike Gilsing. “This move underlines Beekmans’ innovative character and our leading position when it comes to new developments in our niche markets.”

The program allows Beekmans to make parametric designs, a method which adjusts product to the required dimensions by means of parameters. “This allows us to design windscreens and retractable awnings faster and to an even greater degree of accuracy,” adds Gilsing. “It will help us stay ahead of the competition and provide a better service to our clients.” The new program is being combined with exhaustive training for Beekmans engineers, who are being taught to fully benefit from its capacities and optimise client service.