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 -31-03-2011Expanding Engineering Capacity
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Beekmans rvs bv
Ertveldweg 3
5231 XA
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 61 3 2030
Fax: +31 73 61 3 9560
KvK: 17185564

Holland Yachting Group
31-03-2011 Expanding Engineering Capacity


Leading Dutch stainless steel specialist Beekmans RVS has extended its global engineering department with three new expert members of staff. The move is in response to increasing engineering outsourcing orders from yards at the same time that Beekmans existing in-house work has remained at full capacity throughout the economic downturn.

The engineering department at Beekmans has always been one of the company’s primary assets, forming a key part of its ability to deliver high quality windscreens and special products such as awnings, complex railings and stairways to superyachts around the world. Three new engineering experts have now joined the team, one at the company’s head office in Den Bosch location and the other two at a new engineering branch opened Bosnia. Beekmans also recently invested in the NX software from Siemens in order to further serve clients with a premium engineering service.

"We have been working at full capacity for our own projects for years now, bucking the trend in the wider superyacht industry," says Beekmans’ sales manager Mike Gilsing. "These extra investments underline our innovative character and leading position in the outfitting of yacht. The expansion will enable us to better meet client demands for realising complex projects, including the yards that have reduced their in-house engineering capacity due to the economic downturn."

The Beekmans engineering department provides clients with support and project management at every stage, from initial drawings to product assembly on board. It will also now be better equipped to work on bigger projects and innovative products such as the retractable side arm awning and the ambient windshield.